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3 BHK duplex houses in sarjapur


Every brick speaks volumes and we place your needs first while building your dream houses.We aspire to be the preferred choice for our customers, which fuels our efforts to overcome inherent challenges and strive for innovation in product offerings, superior product design, styling, and quality. Another reason to buy from us is our promise of value for money and on-time delivery. One of our masterpieces is located in Sarjapur. Sarjapur, now synonymous with technology parks, corporate offices, booming real estate, and never-ending traffic, was once just a collection of villages.With its good connectivity to Outer Ring Road and several other key hubs of Bangalore, Sarjapur established itself as an extremely favourite residential location in Bangalore. It has a well-developed social and civic infrastructure, with numerous schools, hospitals, retail, residential, and commercial spaces nearby. Our landscapes located in Sarjapur village offers you breathtakingly stunning Villas to your taste.What is most striking is that every room in this house has a unique and distinctive décor based on a different subject.

The only asset here is the love and attention that has been chosen for every detail. The richness is blended with the specialities of the Sarjapur village that elevates your presence in our Villas,that soothes your mind. A fairy-tale intimacy is integrated into each small detail to create a unique property with spectacular views of the outdoors matching with the interior design.You know immediately that you stay somewhere quite spectacular when you enter the gate. Beauty never ends. It's all perfected to your liking in our villa.Immerse yourself in elegance and sophistication, create lovely memories in a unique retreat designed to provide you with an extraordinary combination of exclusivity, comfort and delight.

The Mile End - the serenity at its best

The enchanting windings of the stream followed a wide and well-kept road here, and on the left skirted the lawns of the beautiful villas.The white villas vanish into their parks, submerged in an inundation of green leaves that hide them and protect them from blazing and dust, although less than in the season, because the engines stop worrying and the siren rest. Our villas could define your meaning of sublime at its best , located in a village in Sarjapur.

Luxury duplex apartments in Sarjapur Bangalore:

Twin houses (or) Duplex apartments become a need for the current generation. This type of infrastructure provides them with both privacy and oneness. In late 18th century Georgian Architecture, half-detached middle-class houses began systematically to plan, as a compromise between the terraced house next to the centre of town and the detached villas, where land was cheaper. While this lifestyle is what we offer for your busy schedule to ease with. The clean and fresh air and greenery and groundwater are adding to your home's wonder, and we're pleased to provide you the opportunity to live a healthy life away from the urban congestion in a healthy way. This lush lifestyle is located in Sarjapur, Bangalore. Being considered for its IT hubs,the commodities that we offer always live upto the happiness and taste of our customers. Where the cities do not define the connection between the residential units, units can be built either over the other or side by side. More specifically, the latter arrangement is known as a half-detached construction. We provide you with the best amenities that are world class as we stand a cut above the rest, by prioritizing your opinions and wants first.

In general, duplexes have a lobby, living room, kitchen and bedrooms on the lower floor, while the main bedroom is usually on the upper floor. There will always be two floors for duplexes. Globally, two families can be housed in several duplexes with separate housing units on each floor. In comparison with duplex units they are regarded as more premium and luxurious. In the top floors of multi-story apartments or buildings, penthouses are always located. These are expensive units because they offer wonderful views and are usually unique in a specific building floor

Duplex house with every luxury and house filled with family members - Home.

There are also two separate entrances to duplex buildings for each unit at Luxury duplex apartments in Sarjapur, Bangalore. Each tenant therefore has its own entrance. An example of a duplex is a house with two doors next to each other, one upstairs and one downstairs, which enter different living spaces in one home.


A two-story property may or may not be a villa which is normally larger than a house. The two are used as residential properties, but when compared to a duplex, a villa is considered a prime property. We offer you the best with a blend of two at the IT hub , Sarjapur , Bangalore.The place calls everyone who wants the peace of a suburb and the accessibility of an area that welcomes people. A larger living area is always beneficial for Indian families. One of a Duplex Villa's greatest things is that it is available for a lower price than an independent villa. This gives you the privilege almost at the cost of a luxurious apartment to enjoy a lifestyle villa.The separate entrances guarantee complete confidentiality for both families. Both villas have a separate vertical lift in their own homes with a separate entrance for home assistance. Even the access to the terrace is by means of an outside staircase, so that the families who stay at Duplex's upper or lower villa remain untouched.Whether you want to remain close to your family or your best friend, Duplex Villas are the ideal place to live in close partnerships, where two families may still enjoy their privacy at home. Living in a Duplex Villa offers less areas to keep, but offers a great lifestyle. Given the fact that two families share the common areas, it not only reduces maintenance problems but also makes the cost split easier on the pocket.Though Duplex Villas are cheaper than self-catering villas, they do not compromise your lifestyles and offer you everything an independent home can have. The Duplex Villa provides you with the freedom of a place to stay in.The core of the property is a world-class clubhouse which offers a lifestyle experience. The Club House offers exclusive relaxation facilities for residents, such as swimming pool, children's pool, whirlpool, fitness centre, snooker, ping tank and various amenities.


Landscaped areas around the villas are planned that emphasise the property's natural beauty. Engaged to conserve and preserve the environment, attention has been paid to ensuring that eco-friendly characteristics are an integral and that is at your doorstep at Sarjapur, Bangalore.


Perfectly crafted! Near shopping and dining, this beautiful home is located within the Duplex villa in Sarjapur. Here are just a few of its wonderful features : cosy chimney, new kitchen cabinets, steel sink, modern quartz countertops, timber flooring, renovated bathrooms, freshly lacquered, central air-conditioning, attached two-car garage, large yard and much more.


Our Duplex villa in Sarjapur, Bangalore is immaculately presented apartment is set within a private and secure complex among manicured grounds.As a resident, you will have access to lifestyle amenities such as a lap pool, gym, communal terraces, concierge service, and basement parking.